Thursday, 8 July 2010

nature reserve and crafting

As you probably know, we have agreed to share a craft stall on Sunday with some friends. It was all fine saying yes to this 4 months ago but then we had to actually get on and make things! I was running out of time so my Mom very kindly agreed to take the children out for the day so that I could finish a few things off.
The kids went to the nature reserve and did some pond dipping with their friends,

playing horsie,
climbing trees,
and logs,
and some drawing.
While I made mushrooms,

played with buttons, made little bug gardens,
(I just loved the idea of a plate full of bugs, worms, snails and mushrooms :o))
hair clips,

Whammit dolls,

and put the buttons on the booties. *phew* still have labels to do but feeling much better.


Pip said...

OHHHHH i LOVE the dolls!!! please tell me how you made them. i think my boys would love to make something like that!!!
Looks like everyone had lots of fun doing their different things! Hope you do well on your stall on sunday!

Woodspritemama said...

these are just so fun! love all the colors :)

Tan Family said...

Pond dipping looks like great fun! Your crocheted booties are adorable. :)

Moogie said...

Thanks! Pip, I just drew a gingerbread-type outline on a doubled up piece of fabric, sew and then decorate, easy peasy :o)