Sunday, 4 July 2010

Boo's First Holy Communion

Boo did her first Holy Communion today. The plan was that we go slightly early and, because it was a long drive, put on her dress at my Mom's house and then go through to the church. As it turned out we were running late because I didn't factor in ironing all the boys shirts so we ended up getting her changed in the car park :oP ooops.
During the practice on Friday all the girls were discussing what they were going to wear, they all said they had veils. I did tell Boo that she could have a veil if she wanted to but she was adamant that she just wanted her Mommy-made hair clips. Knowing what the girls wore last year I was worried that Boo's dress would be too plain, I was very wrong, she loved her dress so much that she shone with happiness and looked simply beautiful!
Unfortunately the photos ended up so dark and a little blurry with lots of red eyes. Also, we obviously couldn't take that many pictures during mass.
Going up for communion for the first time!
When returning to our seats Googs took this picture of us.
The boys playing with the camera.
A VERY happy girl.
My handsome boys.
The girls on the altar.

Singing their song " 1, 2, 3 it's good to be me..." She had practiced the song so often that we all knew the words.
Getting their certificates.
Boo told me that she loved that fact that her's was the only dress that was mommy-made and not shop bought.
I was so proud of her.
proud Mommy :o)
Little sister, not really sure what was going on.
Kiki is three now and we don't have a single photo of all 6 of us so I took this opportunity to TRY and get at least one good picture of us all. It's not as easy as it sounds to get 6 people all looking decent without closed eyes, fingers in noses or frowning.

We took more photos at Mom and Dad's house.
Champ has a missing leg! and Googs is pulling a face.
Hubby looking miserable.
My princess...

Trying again for that shot...

It was just too hard so we gave up till next time :oP
food time!

After lunch Kiki did some cooking.
and Daddy played with Googs.
I LOVE this picture.
The plan is to keep the dress for Kiki's communion, after that we can dye it hot pink and she can wear it as a party dress :o)

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