Thursday, 8 July 2010

Butterflies and Wands

We were inspired to do some balancing butterflies by the magic childhood blog. We had seen them in a book before and thought it wonderful timing as the weather has turned a little grumpy, forcing us indoors. Painting butterflies on a miserable day is enough to cheer us all up.

Kiki finished all her butterflies looong before the others, but her painting session was far from over... Drying butterflies. They each got one large butterfly and three small ones.
sticking pennies to the underside once they were dry.
Taking the butterflies outside made them seem more real :o)

Googs wanted one on his ear...
and Boo wanted one of her nose :o)

When the sun came back out, I got the bamboo sticks out of the garage and the lining material out the cupboard and made these. They literally took 5 minute to make! Next time though, I will hem the material as they are fraying.

Kiki multi-tasking as usual

Boo took to the wands the most.

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