Sunday, 18 July 2010

Where did the sun go?

It hasn't felt much like summer this week. The children get used to the freedom of being out ALL day and when that changes we all go a little stir crazy :oP In October we don't have a problem hunkering down for the cold weather but when it should be summer...well, we don't deal with it as well. It does help when the boys want to play football and cricket in the lounge! :o)
Maybe it's me too, I guess I get used to not having to provide lots of activities as nature does that for me when outside. Note to self, have rainy day activities planned even for the summer!

Our solar powered rainbow maker waiting for the sunbeams.
One of my goals that I set myself for this week was to draw the kid's portraits. I have only drawn about 7 portraits in my life so I need the practice :o) I only got halfway through my goal as I haven't got round to drawing my girls yet.

Googs. They look very different as I was experimenting with different pencils.
We did get round to making bread rolls, or at least the kids did :o) I was only allowed the tiniest taste.
Made from this wonderful bread mix that my Mom bought, it made the house smell WONDERFUL!
They shaped their own rolls and ate them while they were still warm. I have only got pictures of the younger two as my older two took theirs up to their room, maybe they thought that I would ask for a bite :oP

Oh and another of my goals was to needle felt something. I have only ever needle felted a pumpkin before so decided to be a little more adventurous. Now I won't blame you for wondering what it is as I kind of made it up as I went along. I personally think that it looks like a wingless baby dragon but....the kids think that it looks like a half dragon, half duck creature, or rather a Dugon.
Today Champ had a rugby match so Hubby took Googs along and left me at home with the girls. Just after they left, Hubby called to say that there was a car boot sale just down the road so the girls and I went to check it out.

As we walked down we past a field full of wheat, we just had to stand and watch it blowing in the wind, so peaceful!

Now this car boot sale was a big one but we still found some 'stuff'. Oh yes I did buy some things not even 24 hours after moaning that we needed to declutter. To be honest though, we don't have THAT much stuff, my thinking is; I hate tidying up the same things everyday, if we had less there would be less to tidy up :o)

Anyway, just look at what I got for £1! They are lopsided, I am assuming for affect.

It didn't stop the kids playing with them for yonks (I haven't heard that word spoken for a while and think that it is time for comeback)
and yonks.
Boo bought a horse for herself and one for Kiki.
Boo told me later, when I was praising her for her generosity, that she only bought it for Kiki to stop her playing with her ponies!
When I mentioned tiding the same things up everyday, well this is what I tidy up more than once a day. The children take all the quilts and cushions and build either houses or stables by the bookcase EVERYDAY. I really don't mind it, well the tidying bit I do, but their playing with the soft furnishings not at all, in fact I love their imagination.

Boo's idea for an activity. Painting a box with glue mixed with paint,
and then adding sequins and glitter.

I love playing in the sequins
You would not believe how many layers of glitter and paint are in there! She kept on adding the glitter but then deciding that it needed to be painted, there are also sequins hidden in the paint, yes it is THAT thick, and the green caterpillars are pipe cleaners. Happy Birthday Granddad!
When Googs came home and saw the goings on, he wanted to join in too.
Every colour of glitter he could find
out of focus sparkle.
The older two helping out with the preparation for the roast dinner, it was YUMMY!!!!
My goal for this week; be more organised! :o)


Kelly said...

I'm so struck by the portraits you have done of your boys. They are really beautiful and how lucky you are to be able to draw like that. For a mama to do portraits of her own children - that is something very, very special.

Moogie said...
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