Tuesday, 6 July 2010


A trip to Buxton, a spa town, home of the Buxton mineral water.
My Mom and Tante O met us there and took the children to the lovely park while I got some alone time in the charity shops! I had great fun and ended up with two skirts, which I wear all the time, and a dress, which I don't like but never feel that I have wasted money as it all goes to charity:o).

I joined them all just as they eating ice-creams, Kiki's dress wasn't as white by the time she had finished!

There was a lovely shop, well there are lots of lovely shops in Buxton, but this one shop had an art gallery which makes me so happy. I took pictures of some wonderful paintings but not many came out :o( I was too excited and jumpy and the camera gets blurry without the flash...

Loving these colours.

and this one had texture.
Again, love the colours and...ummm smoooshyness
This is one that I would like to try, it is made of squishy paper and watercolour and then sewn. I know that the reflection doesn't show it in all it's glowing glory...
Walking through to look at the fish,
and really big flowers.
Back outside! Do you see the extra chocolate designs on Kiki's dress?

On the way home we saw loads of paragliders over the blue john caverns. The kids wanted to stop and watch them land.
While waiting we nipped into the little shop to have a look at the blue john stones
and get candy canes!
I am so pleased that we stopped and stretched our legs because we were caught in major traffic on the way home after a truck ran over a cyclist.

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