Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sad chick news, dog and pie day

And this is our sad news. Out of our 6 eggs 4 were infertile, one of those cracked and contaminated one of the fertile eggs and it died but....

This is Pip at only 5 days old! That little black dot by the letters is his/her eye which we watched jumping around! It was amazing. Pip is now too big to get any good pictures in the egg but hatching day is only 9 days away!!!!
As a standby toy, for those moments when they want to get crafty but they don't want to get messy, this is a great one. Trying to fit the little nails in the holes in the shapes keeps them concentrating and happy for ages :)

We had some wine sent to us as a present for Christmas and while the wine is long gone, I saved the packing chips.

At first the kids said that they were popcorn, marshmallows and meringues, they put them in pans and cooked them.

Then it progressed to snow and Kiki even made some snow angels :)

Googs sat and made playdough mushrooms for an hour!

Until the big ball of playdough had been used up.
It prompted the others to make playdough mushroom pies
This was chicken pie

Goog's ghosts.
One of the neighbours friends brought round their dalmatian. The kids spent the afternoon running up and down the field with Marco.

Inspired by making playdough pies, the kids asked to make pies for supper.

Boo made an apple and blackberry pie.
And Champ made chicken, bacon and mushroom pies.
There were 6 more little pies too but we didn't wait to take pictures of them :P


dorinalouise said...

such delicious food! those pies look so good! and there's nothing better than running around outside. i love all your land . . : )

dorinalouise said...

p.s. we're really excited about pip :)

Moogie said...

Oh yes, they were so delicious! We need the land to run off all the extra calories we consume with all this yummy food :D
5 more days until hatching day!!!

Pip said...

what a fabby day. sad news about the eggs but great news about Pip!!! Very exciting. can't wait to meet the little fluffy chick!!
Great playdough! Lots of mushrooms and great child led play!!
Thanks for sharing xx

Moogie said...

Hello Pip!
Lol little Pip's hatching day is only 3 days away!!!!!

Kelly said...

When I read the post header I thought you might have gotten a dog of your own!! I am starting to feel hungry reading through your posts!!! The boys are fascinated by little Pip and the incubation process.