Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sculpture park

Off to the sculpture park for the first time.
Steel rocks. The kids were pretending to be giants in the mountains.
metal giraffe without a head.
flowers pots
looking for pond life
water snails, a fish and boatmen were found.

tree cave, nature-made
fairy holes
Block of cheese. The sculpture isn't actually called "cheese" but that is what the kids thought it looked like

"I'm getting squished"
"Me too!"
Pieces of train track
Half man half rabbit made with cogs
doubled up man
mother holding a baby.
Googs found the slice of branch and Champ found the spilt wood, and came up with this!

In a tree trunk.

Only a tiny bit of the park was covered, so we will have to go again and again and again :o)

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