Thursday, 18 March 2010

flowers, compost and silk.

Mother's Day. We have never been big on mother's day in our family so I was really surprised by breakfast in the bath (I got up too early) and when I went downstairs the children had put out cards and some flowers!
Enjoying the warmer weather. It was not raining, the window needs a wipe...ooops

Ready, Steady, Go!
Posing for the camera.
Champ and Boo have started street dancing and this is a move that they learnt at their last lesson. They don't go dancing in their pjs though :)
Champ's lego and paper aeroplane collection. This is one of the reasons that he hates the younger two going anywhere near his room.
Champ has decided that he wants to be in charge of the vegetable patch this year. It is almost time for planting so my Mom came round to help out.
The girls getting stuck in.
The problem with our vegetable patch is that it is quite a way from the house, and with no hose, it is quite tiring lugging the watering can back and forth.
Googs fell when he was outside so came in for some monkey plasters. He then informed me that his injuries were so bad that he needed to go to bed! Once he came down again, about 20 minutes later he said that he could no longer play outside as he would probably fall over again - honestly he is so dramatic!!!!
Here are some of the material sample books that we picked up at the scrap store.
and the tools needed to take them apart!!!!!
While taking these apart Googs turned to me and said "Mommy, I prefer screwdrivers to T-Rex's" I don't think that I will ever understand how his mind works :0)
But it was worth it! I have so many pieces of silk and other lovely fabrics. Quilting here I come!!!

Atoms, eggs and chicks

While we were making goo (cornflour and water) a few weeks back the children asked how and why the substance behaved so strangely. The explanation involved molecules, but to understand molecules we had to look at atoms... sooooo that is what we did.
We thought about how to present it to the kids and came up with playdough.
Rolling out protons, neutrons and electrons.
Now this is the problem with waiting a week to post on here. I think that this (below) is a silver atom.
Atom worksheets courtesy of Mrs Cullen ;)
Next stop...molecules!
Aunty O brought the kids some Easter worksheets and some craft kits when she visited last week.
Kiki and Googs decorates pompom eggs.
Finished Mom, take a picture.
Googs enjoys drawing and making faces, he even gave his egg a face.

Champ and Boo made Easter chicks as there were more bits to put together.
Glue sticks are rubbish on anything but paper!
I couldn't be left out of all the crafting. Googs took this picture.
Fat hen! I want to change the legs to something brighter.

I have been so desperate for some colour in the lounge that I crocheted these hearts. I do realise that they are probably a little too bright but they make me happy.


Champ showed us this on his camera the other day - we didn't even know that he could do this! How come the children can still surprise me?

Monday, 8 March 2010

Jam Tarts in Spring

The children were playing ball games with their Dad and I just had to take this picture!
Playing hot potato and slow motion potato (Hubby's invention) with Dad.
Kiki posing in her crocheted t-shirt. I made the girl's t-shirts using bamboo yarn, they are so warm and soft.

Big sis getting in on the posing action.
Googs wanted to bake something today so after raiding the cupboards we came up with jam tarts.

Doing some "school" work while Kiki slept.
We put out our spring nature table today. The kids get so excited when they get the figures out; spring is an exciting time!!! Just got to make sure that Kiki doesn't walk off with all the little chicks.

Champ wanted to cut out a stencil of an egg and then drive a range of vehicles through paint and then onto the stencil.
Of course everybody then wanted to get in on the action.

She even managed to get big blobs of paint on her back!
This evening, while Champ was at Cubs and Googs in bed, Boo started learning how to touch type...
and Kiki made the enormous dinosaur puzzle.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sunshine, basket and blogs

We had sunshine!!!!!! The temperature went up to about 7 oC. The kids were so excited by the change in weather that they took off their jackets and socks and shoes! Luckily it was warm in the tent.
They just loved the freedom of the warmer weather.
Boo went to get everyone's favourite soft toys to put in the tent. Kiki was present, she just refused to leave the tent.
The boys and my Mom brought back some willow from their trip to the nature reserve. We thought that we had better attempt to make a basket before the willow dried out and became impossible to bend.
I think that the pieces we used were a little thick and it was quite hard work!

The finished basket isn't perfect but it is unique :o) As the children pointed out, it looks more like a birds nest. That's why we decided to add a handle.
It fits in perfectly for both the stone age that we are studying and for Easter!

The older two decided to get out their latch hook rugs again.
Boo is working on a horse...
and Champ is working on a volcano/sunset.
Taking time out to work on their blogs.