Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Fire, arrows and kites.

We have some sad news. Yesterday Squiggly died :o( He lived for 2 and a half years and in that time he experienced periods of over loving and periods of being totally ignored (not really sure which he preferred). At least he was always well fed!
And news of the latest pets...the tadpoles have hatched!
And...three foals were put out in the fields today!
The kids were all very excited and it wasn't even 15 minutes after they arrived that they had all been named :o)

The wind was a little nippy today so we decided to make a fire. Boo and Champ went to collect some firewood.
While they did that, I made some dough for twists, which of course you can't eat without syrup.
Champ lighting the fire. We cheated a bit by adding a firelighter.
Cooking twists. Kiki treated hers a lot like marshmallows, expecting them to be cooked after a couple of seconds :o)
Googs liked to shove his right in the middle of the flame and tended to favour just one side.
Yummy syrup!!!

Googs has discovered Champ's bow and arrow. He literally spent ALL day trying to get the hang of it. I was so impressed by his grit at sticking at this until he mastered it!
Once mastered, Googs wanted me to take a picture of him firing the arrow straight up in the air. It took a few goes to get our timing right...

I wanted to take a picture of Googs and his shoes that he insists on putting on the wrong feet :)
Hot chocolate break :o) I think I went a little overboard on the marshmallows.
I didn't hear any complaints though.

After lunch I wanted to keep the children outside as Hubby was studying for an exam and needed some peace. The kids were begging me to get out the water slide but at only 9 oC it was way too cold. "But we are warm" they protested - well yes you are in your jerseys and jackets!!! :O) We decided to get some sand out as a compromise.
The older got some work done in the sunshine while the younger two played.

Kiki kept on complaining that she was tired, probably has something to do with the fact that she gets up so early!!!! After lunch, she put herself down for a nap.
Crocheting with pink today. I am loving this cotton yarn by Puppets. It is a lot thicker than Pattons DK, it is super soft and the colours are gorgeous. The only problem is that the strands are a lot looser than Pattons, so you really have to be careful not to lose one or two and end up with a messy looking stitch.
Boo wanted to fly the lizard kite. Although we did have some strong gusts of wind today, they were quite far apart. Champ started off helping her but soon lost interest when he discovered that the strawberry plants were growing out of their pots.
But she managed it on her own after a big gust of wind lifted the lizard up, up and away!

Champ went off to try and catch some butterflies.
The day was rather chilly and I sat outside with a quilt until I could take it no longer and disappeared inside to put my hands in hot water...unfortunately it was just to do the washing up!

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