Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spring days :))))

We put up our spring nature table!!!
It did look tidy when we first put it up but not anymore, Kiki just can't resist playing with all the spring animals :)
And sunshine! We had a lovely day out in the garden.
Googs helped plant the apple tree.
Ready... set...
While planting the apple tree, we dug up this wonderful creature. I had no clue what it was but luckily Champ was on hand to inform me that it was a devil's coach horse. The kids intended on keeping it as a pet but lost it after Boo flung it away accidentally after it bit her.
We found and assembled all the bits of the swing ball.

Big brother giving the younger two a turn on the go cart.

We even managed to put up the sand pit after living here for 4 years!
Kiki was being a horse in a field.
yay, finally!
We decided to make a fire to help burn off some of the autumn leaves.
It was very smokey.
Champ, inspired by the emerging insects, got his insect books out again.
And then cooked sausages. Our first braai (barbecue) of the year!!!
Even the neighbours joined in :)
Of course there were marshmallows for pudding :)

2 days 'till hatching day!


Pip said...

loving all the outdoor fun. the weather has been much drier down here and actually quite warm up until today! Great to have a bit of outdoor cooking too!
Your Champ does remind me of my Brendan, with his nature books and being able to tell you what things are on site. Brendan always has his head in a nature book of some sort!

Kelly said...

What a lot of fantastic outdoor spring fun! I will show Sol the devil's coachman. He too has been on the lookout for insects and he's delighted they are starting to appear. The two insect enthusiasts would have a great time exploring together. As for that braai - hooray!
Looking forward to hatching day!

TwigandToadstool said...

Love your nature table ~ yay for spring! Still waiting for all of our snow to melt to let the real frolick begin!

Moogie said...

Yes I do think that it is colder and wetter up here :( Erika told me the other day that she misses the sun.

I think it would be great to get all of our eldest boys together, they would have great fun bughunting.

BTW hatching day is here!!!!
will post when I get some decent pics

Moogie said...

Hi Shanti!
I can't believe that you still have snow!!!
I hope that spring visits you soon

earthboysblog said...

You guys are having so much fun over there! the chickens, go-carts, braais, cooking. I am so sad, we moved our hen with the eggs to the other hen house because our cock always bites at the babies. the hen gave up on the eggs because she wanted to go back. So we have 20 of them in the kitchen on the stove. Not sure if they will hatch. We just ordered an incubator will only get it beginning of next month. We have someone interested in our house... crossing fingers, they are so nice and love nature and animals like we do so I hope they buy it. I assisted in delivering a calf this morning, it was huge and the mama was struggling a little. I wish I got it on video the boys were there watching.

Moogie said...

Oh Wow!!! How exciting! Does that mean that you are going to France soon?
I shall keep my fingers crossed for all your eggs. Our incubator has been such fun, make sure you get one with a clear lid so that you can watch all the going-ons :)
You really do have an amazing life, how wonderful to help with the birth!
What wouuld you do with a hen with a prolapse? Mary laid an enormous and very round egg the other day and has ended up with a prolapse. We have been bathing it in warm salty water and tried to push it back in which didn't work. It doesn't look good :(
Actually I am off to e-mail you