Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Forbidden Corner

We found a new place to visit called the Forbidden Corner. It took us a couple of hours to drive there but we had lots of time to stretch our legs once we arrived.
The kids found this tree with a hole in it big enough for all of them to squeeze into.

Before we entered, we were treated to lunch.
The Forbidden Corner is a unique labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises created in a four acre garden in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.
Everyone raring to go.
Through the gates
And into a monster

All the children were given a leaflet with lots to find.

Avoiding the spraying statue
We got lost a LOT but that is the whole point :)
A very well endowed praying statue

Hee hee, as the children stepped down to see this monster the muddy water started bubbling, I have never seen K move so quickly as she raced back up the steps in fright :D
Kiki held back unsure of everything.

At the end of this path was a hut

which housed a crow that sprayed water
and a silver goose

The frogs twirled to music and water was sprayed on everyone :)

Out and on the other side of the park where we found a little castle

We climbed to the highest tower

And found a passageway leading down, down, down

and down underground

Which door was the one that lead out the room?

we found a giant

and some dragons?
Back into the sunshine where the only way forward was over some stepping stones.
and spraying water :)

We sat for a while to watch the deer
Before we went to explore again and found another door which open to a VERY dark room
and led down underground. K found a giant mouse trap.

A waterfall!

Quick rest
a glass mountain

back underground we found another corridor
which led us to a room directly beneath the glass mountain.

being sprayed again
And just when we thought that we were all done, we found a giant!
He even had hairy armpits where the birds had made nests :)
It was a fun day out, one that the children are still talking about.