Saturday, 31 July 2010

Kiki's sleepover!

Kiki had a sleepover at Gran's house all by herself! We both thought that she was too young but she was adamament that because the others had all had sleepovers with gran, well then, she was too. Kiki was so excited for days before she went, reminding us that none of us were going "just me!"
Here are the photos that my mom took.
Lots of baking which included licking and tasting.

Apparently she spent a long time washing up. I gave my mom a number of outfits for her but it wasn't enough :o)
Eating ice-cream and being a "cheeky monkey"

Bedtime...hmmm or not bedtime! She was just way too excited to sleep and ended up in bed with my Mom who thinks that she fell asleep before Kiki :o)

Next day, off to the farm.
Kiki said that she loved the cows the best.

My mom let Kiki have the camera at the farm and she took most of these animal pictures.

After her sleep they went to the stables as Kiki loves horses too.

Home for more baking!

and making puzzles.

and yet more baking!

and more baking!

Of course Kiki had a wonderful time! Thanks Mom x

Lizard lounge

The kids have been begging me to go into this shop for AGES but we always pass it when we have to get somewhere else or it it too late and it's shut. We finally made it in and wow what a wonderful shop! The guys who run the shop are fantastic with the kids, they really took time out and showed them all the lizards and snakes, let them hold and touch them and answered hundreds of their questions :o) we stayed for well over an hour! I was so impressed as you just don't seem to find that with shop keepers.
Of course the children now want to have snakes but luckily all we left with was some lizard and snake skin. Although, convinced that they will one day be allowed one, Champ and Boo have designed their own tanks, counted their money and researched the equipment and food needed :o)

Ummm no way would they be allowed this big boy!

I really liked these guys, they surprisingly have so much personality but are expensive to feed.
so cute!
Barry was not for sale.

So beautiful.

This is what the children want! A corn snake.
This guy's beard was black not as reaction to Googs but because he actually is only being looked after by the shop while his owners are on holiday and is not used to seeing other male lizards so has a macho beard :o)

Tortoises, they were a little dull compared to the lizards and snakes.
The kids are now on a mission to show their Dad the shop in an effort to convince him that a snake is a great pet :o)
And here is something that I enjoyed making, a crocheted pebble. I have always followed patterns and it was wonderfully freeing to be able to just make up my own design as I went along.
I might try some thinner cotton next time.