Sunday, 12 August 2012


We happened to change channels one day and found ourselves watching Junior Masterchef. The kids were hooked as they watched Australian children cooking complex dishes and loving it.
By the end of the show, the kids were determined to try their own skills.
K went first. She wanted to make cupcakes
Googs also made cupcakes
Kiki made cookies
Licking the bowl!
B made cookies too
And here is the result.
K made chocolate and banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting/icing.
Googs made chocolate and orange cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting/icing.
Kiki made a chocolate cookie with a marzipan blob and brown sugar crunch.
And B made espresso and chocolate chip cookie with marzipan
They all got taste everything!
Experimenting with food is fun!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

milo's play date

Milo had a puppy play date. This is Charlie, a puppy a week older than Milo.
It was REALLY hard to get a good picture of the puppies because they were racing about all over the place.
And this is Milo, he was very excited but rather annoying as he constantly bugged Charlie to play with him :)
He was the submissive one though and kept lying on his back when Charlie came near :)
Like this :) 
They were cute but a complete whirlwind of energy!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Archaeology taster session

An archaeologist came to visit one of the home ed groups
She was great, really hands on and brought enough tools for all the children.

The had to dig around to see what they could find

They sprayed water on their finds (well, they were supposed to) Kiki and Googs just sprayed the sand

Fun and interesting day! Googs has now started collecting pottery pieces and special rocks which he keeps in a big bucket :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Easter at long last!!

OK, it is now August, and yes, I am posting about Easter!
I apologise to my poor grandmother who has been waiting for this post for a very long time :)
So here it is, it feels rather surreal but here is our Easter 2012.

The kids were so excited! I mean all that chocolate who wouldn't be :)
My parents and brother came round for our usual Easter morning fry up. The men cook this meal and it is ALWAYS delicious!
Looking at these photos made me realise how much the kids have grown recently and this small table is no longer suitable. I have found this hard to take as I have loved this take ever since I reclaimed it and chopped the legs of it. It has been a perfect crafting table but it now has to go :( Instead I have plans to make (yes, make eek! so excited about this, I love power tools) a new large table getting rid of both of these other tables. I saw a....I keep wanting to call it a pattern but that's not right, some plans for the perfect table on
Anyway, back to Easter...
This room looks so messy with the craft cupboard in the background and the flash on but I wanted to include it because I am very rarely in photos, being the main photographer in our family :P
B enjoying the chocolate flower lollipops that we made
So did K
Kiki chose the BIGGEST chocolate on the table :) and laughed as the rabbit lost its ears
Googs, always serious about his food!

            I really don't know what I was doing in this photo...too much sugar for me too perhaps :)
The inside of our delicious homemade marshmallows
After all that sugar we needed to get outside for some fresh air, what better than the Easter egg hunt. This was the first year that B knew about the Easter bunny so he got to help distribute :)
Can you see how the grass has been worn down after all the hours of football that had been played this year.
After finding the majority of their own eggs (we always have 4 different colours and they each have to find their own) they club together to help find the last stragglers
The eggs are always counted in the beginning to make sure that everyone gets the same amount but even so, there are always some eggs that we NEVER find again. Seriously, never! Not even months afterwards, strange.
So that's when the adults step in to try and hunt for the last eggs. It's great really because even us oldies get to have an Easter egg hunt :)
My post is finally done :) Sorry Oma for taking so long :) xxx