Monday, 12 July 2010

craft fair

I know that the title of this post says craft fair but it was more of a village carnival, but our stall was crafty hence the title :o) The fair wasn't due to officially start until 1pm but we were told to arrive from 8.30am to set up! Since we were travelling from the other side of the city and, lets face it, I've never been one for very early mornings, we arrived at about 9.15am.
It took us ages to set up but was great fun as we were sharing the stall with friends. Boo was the only one with me as Champ was away wild camping again and the younger needed to spend time with their Dad :o)
It is strange how we ended up here, having this stall. Originally we agreed to do it months ago as a project for the children, not only a craft project but a lesson in dealing with money and people too. Well...once we actually thought about it, the amount of 'stuff' that we would have to make, it became more of a Mommy-making project :o) the children did oversee and give their verdict on the products though.
Boo didn't even stick around on our stall either, preferring to help out on a teddy bear stall, oh well at least she got the experience :o)
I really wish that I had taken a closer picture of all our wares as they really did look lovely laid out on the table and from this angle you can hardly see anything.

Since there were a few of us helping out, (My Mom and Aunt O came over too) we could take turns to wonder round and have a nosey.

Hubby popped in with the other three kids after lunch. Here are three of the kids watching a bicycle stunt show.
let's just hope that the younger two don't attempt this.

I gave Hubby the camera and the kids and off they went...

A penny farthing! I would love to try and ride one of these but only with lots of pillows strapped to me!
this tricycle looked much safer.
Here is the Teddy stall that Boo, and later Champ, worked on with their friends.

Hubby took the younger two home early as they were exhausted (Kiki has been waking up at 5am recently!!! She runs into all of our rooms shouting "It's morning everybody!" hmmm we are not amused!)
All in all it was a great experience, I was hoping to use the money that we had made to buy more materials but my car failed it's M.O.T. so the money has to go on fixing it :o(
roll on the next project...


Beth said...

Moogie, your booth looked great. I was trying to find your "contact" because I wanted to know a little more about your year in France. We are probably going to be there on sabbatical last year, and did sabbatical in Paris when my youngest was 3. Beth

Kelly said...

Looks like great fun. I just love those little booties you make.

Moogie said...

Thanks Kelly, they took forever to make :o)

Miss Welcome said...

Your crafts are gorgeous!!!

Don't panic about France. You might think about joining, which is the english-speaking moms group in Paris. Even if you live elsewhere you can get amazing information about schools, doctors, etc. It's also a forum where you can post about homesickess, etc. Good luck!