Saturday, 3 July 2010

Kiki turns 3!

It's Kiki's birthday today! My baby is 3!!!! I always find myself (like every mother) thinking of day they were born. Kiki was my only baby to be born at home so I can really reminisce as I walk about the house. Actually, she was born at 7.20pm and it is 7pm now, so this time three years ago I was feeling a little sore :o)

This year Kiki was definite about what she wanted for her birthday, she wanted a pink and purple cake and a lollipop. I asked her if she wanted balloons and she she looked at me horrified and said "Mommy, I really want a cake" like it was an either or thing :o)
I did intend just to make a purple cake with pink spots on it a little carried away. It kind of just evolved into this as I played with the icing, which wasn't easy, I might add because of the warm weather (I am not complaining about the weather although Googs was wishing for snow yesterday!) it made the icing very sticky. The grass exists purely because I had the urge to put icing in the garlic press :o)

Does anyone else nibble icing as they make the cake?

I didn't sleep very well last night, keeping an ear open for Kiki waking up, after those little early morning jaunts of hers with her brother, I had images of them cutting up the cake :oP

As it happened she came into our room wishing everyone a Happy Birthday, we had to keep telling her that it was her birthday. I love third birthdays as it feel that it is the first time that they really realise that something exciting is happening.

Birthday siblings.

I saved all her cards for her birthday so that she had more to open. We used to let them open their cards as soon as they arrive to add to the build up, not sure which way round I prefer.

Opening the fairy food!
My great plan for Kiki's birthday was to crochet a fairy house, well a log really, but with this fair and making Boo's dress, I ran out of time. A fairy wonderland will have to do until I get round to it :o)

While the girls played fair houses the boys stuck the balloons to the wall using static electricity. I was still busy making Kiki's presents yesterday, cutting it very fine.

I made a fairy bed out of some of their wooden blocks and some felt.

with blanket.
and while the children were playing with friends I sat and sewed a couple of fairies. I bought a coffee when we got to the play area and it gave me the shakes so the fairies are far from perfect. I guess I can say that about almost everything I make though, not about the shakes, but rather something that happened to make it less than perfect, like Kiki climbed over me, I was hit on the head by the frisbee, the phone rang, juice was spilled...
Look, they look happy to go to bed...
eating birthday cake
followed by savoury food.

After a short while of playing fairies, Kiki thought that the wonderland made a great garage. I give until Monday before the food is lost forever. Gran and Grandad arrived and gave Kiki a pedal-less bike! She was very patient sitting there making sure that Grandad put it together right.
She even tried to help
Just pumping up the tyres
and she was away!!!!
These bike are great as the children can practice balancing without the pedals getting in the way AND they are light enough for them to pick up and maneuver easily.
Picnic lunch of hotdogs, sausages were cooked by Daddy on the fire.
A very serious discussion about who gets what plate.
me sorting out the rolls. Those bottle are juice, by the way, not wine!
yummy! Even though the sun went in, it was a lovely warm and relaxing day, it was perfect for Kiki.
Time to sing Happy Birthday. We went inside for this as it was windy outside.
I didn't think about the positioning of this as the backdrop of the craft cupboard is distracting :o(
You should have seen her little face as we sang Happy Birthday to her, she sat grinning away looking at each of us as we sang to her. Hubby did take pictures but they were very blurry. It was the cutest thing.

She needed help with blowing the candle, in her excitement she just couldn't get her aim right :o)
Kiki got to eat the number 3.
After chatting on the phone with all the grandmothers and great-grandmothers, she went to bed a very happy little/big girl. x


Jen said...

What a beautiful cake and a wonderful day for your baby! Love her fairy playthings - very creative idea with the wooden blocks making a bed! Thank you for sharing such a special day!

Tan Family said...

Happy Birthday! I love how you made some of the gifts. Using a garlic press for the grass is genius! :)