Monday, 29 November 2010

Hearts, flowers and slime!

I know that I have been really bad about blogging this week and that is because my time has been taken up with decorating the kids rooms. There was a major room swap so it's been a week of furniture moving, painting and trips to IKEA.
The kids were very good about entertaining themselves while I was busy. They loved sliding down the stairs on Kiki's old mattress. Look how dirty that wall is! I only repainted it a few months ago!
Painting the dolls house.
Champ painting his shelves
Kiki got hearts. She just needs to paint some pictures to fit into the frames that she painted. And finally, after a year and a half, I managed to put up the picture I painted for her.
A short game of football in the snow
painting picture frames
Boo's printers tray went up.
Boo wanted flowers. she also got new shelves for all those bits and pieces that she has accumulated.
The boys now share a room, so out went the flowers and the pink and in with the...slime!!! This is Googs side of the room.
And Champ's slimy wall.


dorinalouise said...

you've been so busy. everything looks great! they must love their rooms. i especially love your painting and the printer's tray.

Kelly said...

That slime is excellent! How lovely that you decorated just as the children wanted. Our walls are always dirty too. We only painted recently too. You must all be very happy with the new look and new arrangements.

pip said...

Fantastic! love it! so bright and cheerfull! Well done you guys! looks great! my boys had a similar day recently sliding down the stairs on their duvets. sooooo much giggling!!

Moogie said...

Yes it is working much better with the rooms this way around, everyone is sleeping for a lot longer which is wonderful!!!! :o)