Wednesday, 17 February 2010

African Drumming and Peace Gardens!

Going on the tram to Sheffield. We haven't used public transport for ages, so we were very excited.
Lollies and police bikes. It didn't take as long as I thought to get there so we had some time to spare.
We found the last remaining police box in Sheffield. They were first introduced in the 1920's when the police had no radios. The police boxes were placed on police beats and if there was a problem the policeman could run to the box and phone the station for help.
Then onto the library for African drumming.
Googs wasn't too impressed with the drum he got.
Kiki wanted a go, but not for long.
Boo and her friend.
Googs just gave up, he sat like that refusing to drum :o(
It got hot in there so it was good to get out and get some fresh air. First at the winter gardens

then onto the peace gardens.

They all scattered so Z. and I spent our whole time counting heads to make sure we didn't loose anyone, wishing that we had dressed the younger boys in flouresent colours :o)

I was just hoping that they didn't get too wet as we had to go home on the tram.

Looking wishfully at the money that had been thrown in. Lots of children were fishing the coins out, I think maybe in the summer, a good compromise would be to allow them to fish the coins out and then donate them to a charity.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Painting wood and canvas!

Gran found all four of the kids a different wooden project to complete, well Boo got a canvas to paint but the frame was wood :o)
Kiki got a giraffe
Googs was very happy with his dinosaur puzzle.
Boo had a horse canvas to paint
and Champ had to put together a mantis.

A mantis! Champ has painted it now, I have just got to take a picture.
Boo loves her picture.
Googs so proud of his finished puzzle.

Kiki's finished giraffe - she carries it everywhere :O)

While trying to get the scissors I knocked Champ's crystal tree. I felt so bad about it especially as we don't have any pictures of it in full glory :o(

paper aeroplane workshop!

Champ saw a paper aeroplane workshop at a museum that he begged to go to...glad he did :o) They had to make paper aeroplanes, decorate them and then get to see who's flew the furthest. After that they looked at how and why a plane's wings work to give it lift. Then the kids got to make boomerangs and test them.
"I do it!"
So chuffed!
Kiki got a little bored so had to get out the chocolate sandwiches.

Boys get a turn to try out their planes.
Watching other kids throw their planes after they had a go.
boomerangs!!!!! These were made using 2 rulers and sticky tape.

Geology - rock making!

Studying the Stone Age has led nicely onto geology.
My Mom came round to do some experiments with the children.

The equipment...
They learnt about the different types of rock; sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.
They then went on to make different types of sedimentary rocks.
Starting with sandstone...

Moving onto limestone made by crushing shells and adding them to plaster of paris.

Then allowing them to set. The children also went on to make conglomerate rocks using pebbles and cement.


Using the gas to blow up a balloon.

Kiki will not be left out!