Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Today we went to a community organic garden for the first time.
The first thing that we saw after parking was a pony so we knew that it was going to be a great day :o)
As soon as we arrived we got stuck in by grabbing some wheelbarrows and heading off to the orchard.
walking around we found a huge variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, it was wonderful!
The apples were to be juiced, and needed to be nice and soft, so we were only to pick the ones that had fallen off the trees.

We collected 2 full wheelbarrows of apples in the end
oh and 1 earthworm :o)
The next job was to wash the apples

The kids then all sat around and chopped the apples to go into the juicer.
and every body took turns to crunch up the apples.
apple juice!
after being crushed and squished, the remaining bits of apples went on the compost heap.
Here is the squishing in progress.

After 2 and a half hours of working with apples, we were rewarded with a wonderful fresh soup and an apple and blackcurrant crumble with custard. It was so yummy, I think that food always tastes best eaten outside after some hard work :o)
After the food, an enormous bottle of apple juice was brought out. It was squeezed and sterilised last week. It tasted so delicious, lots of flavour with a bit of a tang to it.
After lunch we did a spot of weeding. I know that I look awfully serious in this picture but I was having a great time, honest :o)
There were plenty of tools for everyone.
The girls were digging for worms as much as they were for weeds.
Proving that I work too and not just take pictures :o)
The girls worm collection

And as a reward for our hard work we were allowed to take home a bag of organically grown produce!
We also got a bag full of apples but it had been turned into an apple and blackberry crumble before I could take any pictures :o)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Monster trucks!

On Saturday the boys were taken out to a monster truck show by their grandparents. The show only comes round every 5 years. Last time it was here Gran took Champ alone as Googs wasn't born yet :o) this time Granddad came along too to help with the engineering questions.
The boys were so excited about the show and were on their best behaviour :o)
Since I wasn't there I can't comment much.

The boys both had programmes that they managed to get signed by all the drivers.

For the show Mom had brought the boys earmuffs as it gets VERY loud

more signing...
That evening we went to pick up the boys from Mom and Dad's and stayed for supper.
The boys called us into the lounge where they had recreated the monster truck show on a grand scale :o)

While the boys were doing that the girls were playing foxes and were hiding in their den.