Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sporting Sunday

Sunday was busy with Champ's rugby match in the morning and Hubby's cricket in the afternoon.
Hubby took the children to Champ's match so that I could have the morning off to crochet, I think that it was a trade so that he could have the afternoon off to play cricket :o)
He took the camera with *lol* he is learning.

And here we are at the cricket. I took picnic rugs and quilts and my crocheting, we found a corner spot with only a small chance of being wacked by the ball. The boys played football.
Boo played with the pois.
Champ, always the bug hunter/admirer.
Then the children got the chance to look after a 3 month of dog called Pi.
while Dad played cricket.
Pi was very good and very good but reminded me why we can't have a dog as he chewed everything he could included the children's baseball! Still very cute though :o)
Daddy in his ill fitting kit with Kiki asking to play.
Champ spotted some slate in the hill and went to see if he could find any fossils.
We left after a hour or so as cricket is a REALLY long game and it was cold. I am glad that Hubby had fun, his team even won! although I think that rugby might by safer as he has damaged his knee while he was bowling :oP


Kelly said...

A lovely day. I had forgotten all about pois. We had some a few years ago. They are great fun.

kellyi said...


Just found you via the NatureKids BMB group.

I keep a blog for the same reason - to document the highs and lows of parenting small people.

Your moth pictures are cool, my kids aren't keen on moths...not sure why. Give them shield bugs and caterpillars and they're happy!

Moogie said...

@ kelly - It's funny we have had the pois for years and they haven't been interested then all of a sudden it's a favourite toy

@Kellyi - I have a problem with moths, it's their fat dusty bodies that gets to me, but I smile and take pictures I just won't hold them :o)

Pip said...

Oh sounds like a lovely day!!!
everyone seemed to have a time to do their own thing and just be!