Tuesday, 27 July 2010

sock puppets, crochet and dip

We have an enormous bag full of odd socks, don't ask me where the partners disappear off to as I would not be able to tell you, and believe me, I have spent a long time trying to find out. How can we loose so many socks? where do they go? If the odd socks are always put in the same place then surely it makes sense that we would eventually be able to pair them up, but that is not the case. Truly baffling.
I was about to throw this lot away after keeping them for years when the kids asked me to make sock puppets. The last time we made sock puppets the children glued everything on which, of course, promptly fell off again. This time they used needle and thread and were much happier with the results.
Kiki was happy without button eyes, just a plain sock with a horse on it.

I made this one for Googs.
watching the road get resurfaced.
chalk drawings
Kiki LOVES dip! although she doesn't seem to get much of it into her mouth.
Her brother looking on in amusement.
My latest project. I want to make a cotton crocheted blanket for the couch, bright colours make me happy! only about 175 more to go :o)


earthboysblog said...

Those little socksies are so cute, a fun idea. I must get some crochet books and start to learn.. My grandmother crocheted me a beautiful blanket similar to this and I still have it. I would like to make one for my boys.

Beautiful children you have, looks like they have mama's eyes!

Bending Birches said...

your children are adorable...and they look so wise and creative! great site, glad to have found it!

Moogie said...

I learnt to crochet at the end of last year so that I could crochet my children their christmas presents. I love it now as it is a lot faster and more forgiving than knitting.

Thanks for the wonderful complements :o) x

Pip said...

such lovely pictures!
We have the same sock problem and recently turned some of the odd socks in to puppets. but as i was doing this with preschoolers we went down the glue route! And your right... it does all fall of sadly. But they got a day or so of fun out of them 1st!

Loving your creations!!