Sunday, 17 July 2011

Exploring the countryside

Now that Kiki is old enough to walk without tantruming :P we have decided to start properly exploring the countryside near our house.
veering off the path to crunch on the dead heather.
A skeleton!
Tiny crystals made the path shine as if someone had sprinkled glitter on it.
Over the the top, and what a view!

Kiki isn't pictured here...

She was way off the path, holding on to a rock because she was scared that she was going to be blown down the hill :)
The three older ones walking ahead back down the hill
but not to be left out, Kiki charging after them

At the bottom of the hill we found a river, a perfect spot to eat our lunch
and go for a paddle

off they went to explore under the bridge
A good day out, one which the kids want to repeat :) I just have to remember to pack lots of cake to help get them to the top.


Linda said...

Such lovely photos! We spent the day at Suikerbosrand hiking:)

Moogie said...

OMGosh! I spent my childhood hiking at Suikerbosrand!!!even slept over a few times in their huts. I have to admit my Mom had to pack extra snacks as we did moan from time to time :P We once came across a troop of baboons and had to turn around, another time my brother wandered into the middle of a heard of wildebeest and my dad had to try and whisper/tiptoe to get him out :D oh such fun times.

debbie (r61) said...

oh my, i just adore the four year old logic of holding on to a rock to stop being blown away LOL great picture of kiki :)

Kelly said...

Such beautiful countryside to explore. Good memories being made.

dorinalouise said...

oh my goodness, carolyne. it's so beautiful. and i appreciate the first comment about your youngest. chanda used to have the worse tantrums (sigh). she is so sweet holding onto her rock!

Pip said...

What an amazing view and a stunning place to live! Loving Kiki holding on to that rock... i can really relate to that after our recent trip to the isle of white. The Needles was sooo windy i needed a few rocks to hold me down!!

Moogie said...

Thanks guys, we are having great fun exploring.

Dorina, I can't possibly believe that your sweet Chanda had tantrums. lol there is hope for us yet, then :) xxx