Thursday, 22 July 2010

happiness is...

...winning "man of the match" and getting to take the trophy home

...saying hi to the new ponies.
...climbing fences.
...sharing horse brushes.
...brushing horses whilst balancing of the fence after learning that it hurts when horses stand on your bare feet!
...being brushed for the very first time.
...being able to do whatever older brother and sisters can do.
...being with animals.
...seeing beauty in nature.

...spotting ripening blackberries!
...watching bees on the lavender.
...eating an enormous (2 bags of apples) apple and blackberry pie.


Pip said...

as i was reading that, i was thinking "I HOPE THEY DON'T GET A HORSE STEPPING ON THEIR FEET!" then i read your comment! lol

Kelly said...

Aw, how wonderful to be awarded Man of the Match! Congratulations! It's lovely to have those horses nearly - they are beautiful, aren't they. We've noticed those emerging blackberries too. It's exciting and scary at the same time.