Monday, 26 July 2010

Googs' sleepover

This was Googs' first sleepover on his own with his Gran and Grandad. He wasn't going to let the fact that he had badly bruised his foot jumping off the couch earlier that day stop him from going. Actually, I think that it was good for him to go injured as he could get lots and lots of sympathy and no worries about anyone else standing on his foot.
His time started at the coffee shop, of course :o)
where he and his gran talked about what he wanted to do, Googs came up with the design for a train that he wanted to make out of wood.
Choosing his own lunch! Anyone who knows my Googs will know how passionate he is about his food.
Since my mom is able to give the children focused one on one attention, she chooses activities that she knows each child loves, for example, Champ got the bug museum and fishing, Boo got horses and shopping. Googs would have got lots of sport but unfortunately his foot wouldn't allow it, but it didn't matter as he had a wonderful time. Making his train that he designed.

Baking gingerbread men
aaah the best part!

Dancing gingerbread men :o)

More woodwork.
Making another train.
This time he made the polar express!
Listening to old records that I had as a child :o)
more baking

model aeroplanes.

A makeshift cheese fondue

And some gentle sport!

Kiki is having her sleepover this week as she was not happy about being left out! Googs wanted to go with her to "make sure that she was good" :o)


Pip said...

PLEASE can i go for a sleep over too! Looks like so much fun!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

How wonderful for your children to have grandparents that really give them time and show a real interest in their passions. Such lucky children you have. Looks like your boy had a great time and did so much!

Moogie said...

Yes they are lucky. I do think that you get back what you put in as the kids have a really great relationship with their gran and memories that will last forever.
And yes, Pip, I too would love a sleepover where I get to do what ever I want for two whole days! :o)