Thursday, 22 July 2010

strange plants and paper cities

Look at what we found at the car boot sale for only 10p!!!!!
This is what it looked like straight out of the box, all dry and crunchy.
Champ added some water.
and the kids drank hot chocolate whilst waiting for something to happen to the plant.
Googs was sitting on his own on the couch because just a bit earlier he did a flying leap off the arm of the couch and, missing the beanbag, crunched his foot on the floor. I was worried that he had broken it but he was soon limping around after resting for a while. He was determined to be okay as tonight was his first sleepover on his own with Gran and Grandad and he was very excited!
tada! this was after an hour of sitting in water.
and after 2ish hours. It smells wonderful, kind of like dusty beeswax.
Playing racing bowl.
Champ loved the idea of growing something different and cool, he then remembered that he was given a flesh eating plant pack yonks ago and wanted to start growing them.
He has three varieties; scary ghost plant, body snatcher plant and venus fly trap.
They need very moist soil. And now we wait to see what grows.
Gran came to pick up Googs just before lunch and the rest of them got on with creating paper cities. I printed these out from "made by Joel" blog. He makes the most wonderful and simple toys for his children.
Kiki was finished in no time at all. I didn't cut out all of the people or vehicles that she had coloured in as I thought that it would overwhelm her - yes, there were THAT many! :o)

Champ spent hours on his city.
Champ and Kiki's cities together.
and finally, (the girl likes to talk) Boo completed her city.

It really did keep them happily occupied for a large chunk of the very rainy day.


Pip said...

what a lovely day and loving that cool plant!
Brendan wants to grow a venus fly trap but each time we try it never comes to fruition lol....... hope you have better luck!

Moogie said...

apparently you have to use distilled water as tap water will just kill them. I know that they are hard to keep as I killed mine by over waterering it when I was a child :o) hopefully Champ will have better luck.

Kelly said...

what an interesting plant! The cities and people and vehicles look like good fun. I must look into htose for Leo - just his sort of thing! Hope your little guy enjoys his sleepover with her grandparents!