Thursday, 1 July 2010

water, baking and busyness

It was such a warm and wind free day that the children begged me to get out the new paddling pool. Last year we didn't have an inflatable one and it was so pathetic, the sides kept on collapsing and letting all the water out. This one seems much sturdier.
While the kids filled the pool I decided to do some baking with some delicious nectarines.
Some mini nectarine muffins

and an oatie, mixed spice, nectarine concoction.
The water was freezing!!! hee hee so they kept jumping in ...
and out.
We had a pretty relaxing day, making the most of the good weather while we have it.
Kiki offering me some of her mint ice-cream. She is always playing imaginary games and you don't have a choice to join in.
Champ and Boo had spent the morning collecting grasshoppers, they got the bug books out to find out which species they had caught and what they eat.
Champ's clay warship, it even comes with a helicopter on the other side (not in picture)
The pressure is on to get things done for our craft stall in only a week and half! We have made some bits and pieces but nothing close to the amount and variety that we wanted to get done. Nearly everything that we have made can be used in the Christmas boxes so if we don't sell anything nothing gets wasted.

Some flower hair clips.

Button hair clips
Hair bands in red and green,
blue and green,
pink and navy,
and black and sea green (although looks more like blue here)
bouquet of hairbands. They really do look cute on, I should get Boo to pose with them.
And lots and lots of little bug boxes for the bookworms to go in.
We bought a fairy wonderland for Kiki's 3rd birthday on Saturday. It just needed something extra so I made some miniature food.

A cake...
and lots of junk food! I think that it's because I am on a diet, I always seem to find myself thinking and looking at junk food when on a diet :oP I will have to make some healthier options too :o)
Those green things are meant to be plates, there are also mugs of orange juice but for some reason I didn't include them in the shot.
Now got to make a couple of fairies and a bed. I know, I know, cutting it REALLY fine, best get making...


Jen said...

Oh what a fun post! Love your little fairy foods - your kiddos look like they are just having the time of their lives in the inflatable pool :D Have a great summer!

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

Oh I love the fairy food. I am imagining making some from marzipan and eating it too LOL! Can you tell I am also on a diet...?

Kelly said...

Happy summer! You are all having such a great time outdoors!

Gremlina said...

adorable flowers! & food...

Rick Tan III said...

Beautiful blog! The pool, clay, imaginary ice cream and lovely headbands are a delight to see. :)

Tan Family said...

Beautiful blog! The pool, clay, imaginary ice cream and lovley headbands with flowers are a delight to see.

Artistmama said...

Love that fairy food! They look like they're having so much fun in theie pool and with the bugs. I love summer!