Monday, 19 July 2010

getting our nature fix

After feeling guilty that I wasn't being a good enough Mommy/teacher when the weather was bad, I sat up late last night planning my day with the children. Only to wake up to a glorious day!
Champ sat outside reading his book.
The kids also took the time to do a spot of gardening. He pulled up some garlic! The biggest one is okay in size but the others are probably a bit too small, but I totally understand his enthusiasm in pulling them up early as I did it myself last year :oP
Chalk drawing/writing outside.

and fun on the trampoline :o) The older two were allowed on the trampoline when Kiki first got it but after jumping off the couch onto it, it is now not as strong as it used to be.
Lavender doll. I was inspired to make this from one inch world.
I have heard recently that lavender has gone out of fashion, is that right? I didn't realise that plants can go out of fashion.

I gave the children one of the leftover bug gardens, we needed to get some compost so took a trip to the garden centre. I decided not to take the camera and have been kicking myself ever since. It was a lovely walk and the garden centre was in full bloom. The children and I had a wonderful time ooohing and aahing over all the plants. Our favourites were the fruit trees and bushes as they were laden with fruit. I was so tempted to buy an apple tree...okay and a raspberry bush, pear tree and cherry tree. One day I am determined to have an orchard, oooh wouldn't that be wonderful!

We took the wagon to help us carry the compost and on the way home we picked up twigs and pine cones that were littering the pavement.
and made a fire.
we had enough wood to keep the fire lit for a couple of hours with each of the children taking turns being in charge of feeding it.
Hello Mr Pheasant! That's Kiki's name for him :o) Boo was feeding him Kiki's left over peanut butter sandwich.
Thank goodness that Champ had moved the froglets back into the horse's trough before Kiki got hold of the tank.

The boys were hunting for cinnibar caterpillars.
What a wonderful nature-filled day :o)


Pip said...

How lovely!!!!
Looks like a great day full of natural learning and fun! Good for you. I think you are being a fabby teacher and mother! Look how happy the children are!

Moogie said...

Aaah thanks Pip :o) My cousin said to me recently that the blog looks so idylic and asked whether I am just putting pictures up of the good stuff. "of course I am" I answered "I don't think of grabbing the camera when they are arguing or when we are all walking round bleary eyed after Kiki has woken us all up at 5am!" :o)

La Sauciere Folle (The Mad Sauce Chef) said...

This is a kooky and fun blog, thanks.