Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hatching chick!!!!

We timed the incubating of the chicks to make sure that we came back on hatching day. Since we got back late in the evening, we arrived home to meet Eric the chick, already fluffy.
We thought that the chick in the other egg was dead as Eric was kicking the egg around a lot in the incubator when he stumbled past it.
But about 10am the next day.... we had a cracking egg!!!
It was all very exciting.


Eric was decidedly unimpressed :)
We have two more hatching this weekend! Fingers crossed for some more girls :)


Linda said...

Oh my goodness! How woderful!

Kelly said...

Hooray! What excitement to have two new little chicks to look after.

Pip said...

WOW!!! thanks for the video clip. Brendan loved watching it!! Eric is sooooo cute! Whats the other one called?