Saturday, 30 July 2011

Day trip to Amsterdam

For my birthday this year my parents gave me a day out in Amsterdam as a present!
The plan was I went to their house the evening before and sleep over since we had to get up just after 4am. I actually can't remember the details of flight times as I completely switched off and just went with the flow :)
All I know is that we were in Amsterdam in time for breakfast :)
Here is the double decker train we took to the city centre.
I know that usually I do go a bit overboard with photos but for some reason I hardly took any pictures of the day. Probably because the children weren't with me, it was nice not to think about taking pictures. So here are the few that I did take.
We walked to the more expensive/crafty side of Amsterdam. I wasn't allowed to take pics in this shot and I very naughtily snuck a few. The hasty, no flash pictures don't do this shop or it's products justice, it truly was fantastic! Do you see those frames, they had hessian in them and then earrings hung up inside. The bean bag in the corner was made from giant knitting needles and GORGEOUS wool. And those big vases were wrapped in wool. oh if only I had more freedom to take more pics.
Me looking very scruffy and not caring.
cool rubber chairs.
fussy blue shop
crate chairs with planters in the back
oooh and this shop I loved! It was all reclaimed furniture and wood from boats.

My Mom waiting for lunch.
Still waiting for lunch. I fully intended on taking a picture of my kroketten but I wolfed them down before I remembered :P
See what I mean about not many pics. Oh well, it was a fantastic day! We got back just after midnight. I drove home the next day with bags of yummy dutch goodies for the kids. hmmm


Kelly said...

What an fantastic trip. Your parents spoil you rotten!!! You must have all had such a wonderful day. What terrific fun. And look at you - you practically look like a teenager!! Love to you and maybe seen you all soon as we are moving after all - and very soon too. I will mail you our news soon.
Have a happy day!

Moogie said...

I know :) I am a lucky girl.
How exciting that you are moving! Yes, do let me know, it would be great to meet up.
Chat soon