Friday, 20 January 2012

Messy fun

The children had some friends come over to play. The boys went outside to play with the bow and arrows. And before anyone says anything, not even belts help to keep Goog's trousers up :)
We got out a huge amount of cornflour to make some gloop.
lots of messy fun
K played with it long after the others had left. Astro came to see what she was doing.

I got round to covering the wooden organiser that my mom gave me for Christmas.

And we made a yummy chocolate cake
And while the diet was ruined, we also made some meringues and defrosted some of our blackberries hmmm yummy :)

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Pip said...

ohh I so know what you mean about the trousers. Brendan's non existant bottom means he is always loosing his trousers too! He can have some of my bottom if he wants lol!!