Tuesday, 26 April 2011


After the party, we went to legoland for 2 days :)
Here we are, tired after spending 2 nights in hotels already, but determined not to miss anything.
Daddy feeding Kiki to the dinosaur.



And this is the last picture that the camera took before it broke :( from then on we used hubby's phone to take pictures.

That night we stayed at a hotel near heathrow airport. The kids loved watching all the planes fly over.
Day 2 :) It was even quieter on the second day and we were able to go on their favourtitre rides as often as they liked as there were virtually no queues. We went on LOADS of rides.

One last look around miniland or Hubby and the older two while I took the younger two back on the lego train.

By closing time we were EXHAUSTED! We had a wonderful day but it was even too much of an effort to smile for the camera.
Instead of driving home at rush hour, we stopped for some food besides Windsor castle.


dorinalouise said...

i love the fun times you're having. and the shawl you made is beautiful. it's special to celebrate your great aunt's 90th birthday.

Kelly said...

Wow, what a trip. You must have all loved the time you spent here so much! I have missed your posts!

Moogie said...

Yes it was great to get away and stay at all those hotels and be on the go all day everyday. Tiring but really, really great!
I have missed you guys too! Sometimes a break is needed to realise how much I love being part of your life through the blogging world.xxx

Pip said...

glad you had a good time down my neck of the woods! My 2 love Legoland and i always take them out of school to go, so that it's quiet and they get to have a really good time there.
Looks like everyone really enjoyed it and i'm not suprised you were worn out after 2 days there!