Sunday, 16 May 2010


Yesterday was Saturday. My Mom bought us tickets for a show at the Lowry. Hubby went fishing with my Dad. He couldn't believe his luck that he got to have a whole day out fishing :o)
We got to Salford early so we walked around the shopping centre and came across a little stall selling semi precious stones and...fossils!!!! Champ just loved it and bought a new fossil for his collection. (I haven't taken a photo of it yet)
If he had enough pocket money he would have bought this ammonite.

Mom treated the children to a bag of sweets for the show, ummm well just before the show then :o)
The Lowry theatre and gallery.
The show we saw was called "Life on a shoestring". It was a very small one man production. When we got there, the theatre wasn't ready so we were told to wait in a room with some crafty things.
I really loved the trees.

And this room was created as a mirror image.
Kiki was fascinated with this doll. Although it could have done with some panties!
We were the first ones into the theatre. It was very dark so I didn't get a good shot of the girls.
It was a puppet show using everyday objects. I think Googs got the most out of it but the others joined in too. Kiki shouted very loudly at the end "yay the mans finished, we can go home!" hmmmmm
After the show had ended we went on stage to meet the puppet man and the puppets. Here are the main characters - Little Peg Leg
Further along in the theatre we came across Kiki's favourite Peppa Pig.

And onto Lowry's Gallery. I love the almost childish way that he paints the figures.
All the pictures in here are a little blurry because I wasn't sure if I could use a flash as some galleries don't like that, although the Louvre was fine about it.

Some of Lowry's tools.

creepy red eyes.

In the gallery there was a wall of shelves for people to add their own sketches. My children loved the idea. Can you see Goog's face and a tick. He said that he drew the tick because he spotted the red eyes of the man in the painting.
Working with GranChamp adding his sketch
Kiki sat and drew for ages! She added 7 pictures to the wall :o)

Here is one of Kiki's sketches.
Upstairs there is a family room that we hadn't seen before.
Everyone found an area and got stuck in

Even Gran enjoyed the family room :o)
After all that concentrating it was time for a run around before driving home.

Looking at the river and watching the bungee jumps. Do you see that crane in the distance? That is where they were jumping. From where we were standing it looked as if they would crash into the top that orange building.

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