Saturday, 3 April 2010

Camp, hamsters, horses and quilting

Champ had a cub camp for the weekend. They were working towards their astronomy badge. He had a wonderful time. You can see in this photo, taken just after he got home, looking tired. Constellations.
Boo went for a pony day - a whole day of stables and ponies and she LOVED it. These pictures are when we dropped her off. She was very tired and smelly when we picked her up at the end of the day but very, very happy :o)
A little blurry because I didn't want to use the flash in the stables.
Googs was so funny tiptoeing around the stable so that he wouldn't get poo on his new shoes.
Out and about with the other three while Boo was with the horses.
The kids go through phases of making Hama bead creations. It's a chance to wipe the dust off the iron :o)
You can tell that Boo has just come from a pony day as they are all she can think about.
After months of moaning at them to play with their hamsters, they finally get the now ancient animal out for a run around. This is one of the many houses that Squiggly got to play in.
Googs made a giant snowball out of playdough. He was very upset when his sister stuck her finger in the middle of it :o(
Laying out the fabric scraps to see what colour I like.
I enjoyed making this quilt. It is very scrappy, and nothing was measured.
It is still not backed but is living on the couch regardless. I am so chuffed with it as it really brightens the room.

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