Sunday, 18 April 2010

Weekend fun!

We had sunshine!!!! In April, in England!!!!!! It was lovely and warm so Champ and Boo decided to make the most of the weather and take their books out and read. They read like this for more than two hours! I had planned to do some handwriting practice but I just couldn't disturb them.

After all that reading Boo decided to make daisy chains. Kiki likes to join in even if she is not sure what is happening.
Goog prefers dandelions, he likes to decapitate them.
I was sitting on the chair on the right of the photo, the younger two wanted to sit with me so went inside to get their chairs.
The kids really wanted to take their Dad to the river that we had visited earlier in the week. They were very happy to see that all the special stones that they had collected were still there.
Teaching Daddy how to throw stones :o)

The children had some yogurts for lunch. Once finished they made perfect boats! Daddy and Champ had great fun racing them.

Boo kept to herself at the river, finding insects and sorting stones.
Kiki was investigating Champ's insect kit.
I, of course, took the opportunity to get some crocheting done.
A rare picture of me! Hubby doesn't tend to take pictures, so it often looks like I wasn't present. He just decided to pick up the camera and take pictures of me playing with Kiki.
Back at home we decided to have a braai (barbecue), in fact, we had two this weekend!
The girls playing ponies. Boo is loving the fact that Kiki is joining in her games and often becomes the teacher. She does get a little frustrated when Kiki doesn't do exactly what she wants her to do, but I think that it will do her good, as Boo does like things her own way when playing games.Boys playing swingball. The boys too have a lot to learn when it come to playing games with each other as they are both competitive. Ooooh fire! It's amazing how fires draw children in.
Hubby is always the one to cook on the fire, and that is okay with me :o)
Oh not sure what has happened with these pics.
Champ taking after his Dad. He was in charge of cooking the sausages.
Today, after church, we took the children bike riding again to keep the momentum going for Googs. Champ brought along his remote control car but had to fight his Dad for a go.

Regular bike riding can be so boring....

After bike riding and a quick visit with my parents, we went to watch some American football.
We have never seen it before and Googs was amazed "Look Mommy, they are all different, they have changed their costumes"

There seemed to be a lot of standing around.

Kiki spotted the tiger. She kept yelling "hello" to him but was too scared to to go up to him. Googs took her hand to help her get closer but he ended up hiding behind her!We enjoyed watching the cheerleaders at halftime.

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