Thursday, 8 April 2010

walk with friends

Yesterday afternoon, once the rain stopped, we decided to go for a walk.
Kiki found this enormous stick that Googs helped carry.
The walk took about 3 hours as the children kept leaving the path to explore.
A rock begging to be climbed.
Tallulah! Kiki couldn't believe her luck when she was handed the lead. The only other dog that we have walked is Winston and there is no way that she could take the lead, she would be dragging along behind him. As it was Tallulah was pulling Kiki into the trees and getting tangled :o)
I am really not sure what they were playing with here. Oh yes I do, they found insects. Champ found a moth that was snuggled up in a pine cone.

There were a lot of trees that had fallen over. This one had created a little cave.Googs and Kiki's hair was full of mud after playing houses.
The others decided to make their own birds nests. Googs just wanted to go on this balance beam.
Nest building.

Kiki playing peek-a-boo while everyone else was busy.
All the kids had a turn walking the dog. Boo REALLY wants her own dog...ummm I think that this is the closest that she will get for a LONG time.Friends.
Another fallen tree. The boys had fun kicking the mud out of the roots.

I was so proud of Googs, he walked the whole way without complaining!!!!! That's a first! Kiki almost managed it, I only had to carry her a little way because "Mommy my feet don't work"

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