Monday, 19 April 2010


Today we finally decided to go back to the garden centre to get our compost. We were more prepared this time with our wagon, I know that we could have driven but since it is just round the corner ...
As soon as Kiki saw the wagon she nagged us all to let her have a ride saying that she couldn't walk anymore.
The kids all went off in different directions, finding plants that they tried to persuade me to get. But today we were just there for compost to plant our seeds.
"Oooh Mom, a tomato plant".
Googs wanted the big plants.

We found our compost but it meant that Kiki would have to get out of the wagon. She was NOT happy about that.
and screamed all the way home!!!!
By the time we got home Kiki had screamed so much that she was happy to go down for a nap (not the only one who was happy to have her sleep!).
The other guys were so eager to plant their seeds that they opened the bag of compost of the steps.
Boo planted flower seeds for her garden and the boys planted vegetables.
Googs planting peas...
Boo's flower seeds...
and Champ planting broccoli.
All the planting inspired me to make this flower today. I sewed it onto the hairband but should have placed it further to one side rather than almost centered. I will have to make another flower to help the centering problem.
A shoebox full of booties! Four of them are still waiting for buttons. I want to make more but I have hurt my thumb so need a break to recover :o(

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