Thursday, 15 April 2010

Paint, stones and chocolate.

A friend of ours gave us a stethoscope that the kids are having great fun with. It has been wonderful to go back over the work that we did on the heart last year.
We picked up some stones from our trip to the river the other day, so we did some rock painting.
Kiki was the quickest, she sped through this and went straight onto painting on paper.
Googs enjoyed discovering different colours by mixing the paint. The picture shows him painting his "lego" stone.
Boo wanted to pint a magic dragon egg.
It took them forever to paint the rocks with the tiny paintbrushes.
So beautiful!
I guess I should have expected this to happen. Googs told me that he had tipped up the bowl and I asked him to tidy as much of the sand as he could, instead he seems to have spread it at far as he could.
Kiki couldn't believe her luck at being given free reign to eat the chicken.

"Taste it"
"Can I eat all of these Mommy?"
Sugar rush!

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