Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hatching day!

So after waiting 21 days, our chicks started to hatch.
We put 6 eggs into the incubator, 5 were fertile but only 4 hatched.
On day 21 we came downstairs to find the first cracks.We were very excited...but nothing else happened. Usually, the chicks hatch within 3/4 hours after the first hole has been made but these were lazy chicks :)

The children didn't want to leave the room for long in case they missed the chicks hatching so we stayed and made hama bead creations
ALL day!

The chicks still hadn't hatched by bedtime :( Then finally, at 10.30pm, the one chick started to hatch! I got the older two down to watch :)

Two other chicks hatched that evening too. I put some lego blocks to try and protect the unhatched eggs a little as the chicks bumble around the incubator knocking them around. It didn't really work :P

And in the morning, once the chicks had dried out, the kids got to hold them :)

The younger two didn't get to see the chicks hatching, luckily there was one more that had waited until the next morning.

They look really grumpy :D
4 chicks mean that each child gets one :)
Chicks and hama bead creations, it was a lovely 2 days :)


Pip said...

Fantatstic and the look so cute. That on chick reminded me of Angry Birds lol!!

Offcumden said...

Those chicks are so cute! We're off to a local farm next week to see the chicks and the lambs.

PoshBird said...

Oh how beautiful , wonderful pics and fabulous cute children and chicks x x x

NinnyNoodleNoo said...

I love the expression on baby bird's faces - they seem to universally look grumpy!

Hatching is a wonderful thing to watch (one day we'll be able to this too, one day *sigh*)


HonestMum said...

Just wonderful-the gift of life huh. I've never seen chicks hatch so thank you for giving me the next best thing.

Charlotte said...

Only just seen this. How amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures you were able to take of them hatching. It is also grand that there are 4 chicks, one for each child equals no arguing.

Kelly said...

Hello after ages! So lovely to see pics of your chicks hatching. Hope they are all growing beautifully! Isn't it good to have these warm, spring days with us! It has been so warm today. Almost feels impossible to feel that warmth and it is set to stay this week. Hope you guys are all really well. So good to read your posts and catch up. Have a good week ahead!

dorinalouise said...

ooohh we love them. they're so sweet.