Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Walking off the chocolate!

Today, after the huge amounts of chocolate and other yummy things that we have consumed this weekend, I decided to take the kids for a long walk and picnic. Although, I did take some chocolate with me as a bribe when they lagged :o)
The weather has warmed up enough for us to get out for much longer which is WONDERFUL!!!!
Two minutes into our walk and Googs had already found a stick.We brought along some spring workbooks to complete. The older two worked for a little while on theirs but I made them give me back the pencils when they started running up and down the hills, Googs looked at the pictures and gave it back pretty much straight away, but kiki worked on her book for AGES!
Some centipedes that Boo found on a moss-covered wall.
I just liked this tree stump :o)
Boo found a pine cone that was different to the ones we usually find.
Googs spent some time looking for fairies.
A toad! Do you see it??? They were so well camouflaged, we were very excited to see it because toads at this time of year means toad spawn!
The boys found this very rotten tree stump which they had great fun breaking up. Champ then found an acorn with a large root which he planting near the stump, hoping that it will replace the tree that was once there.

Still colouring :o) while the boys are being boys.
The kids found a large plank of wood, possibly left over from the old railway, which made a wonderful seesaw.

Another toad. Champ was poking it to make it jump away from the path but it wasn't budging.
I wanted to have a picnic today but thought that we would get too cold, so we decided to bring the play tent. The kids loved the idea and it is something that we will do again, well as long as we all still fit!
Having fun in the tent.
We had so much fun eating our picnic in the tent and soon everyone got the giggles.

Not always so gentle with her brother.
This hill was actually very steep and I was very surprised that Kiki listened to me when I told her not to climb it. Here she is telling the others to come back.
Say cheese!
And nobody needs my help anymore, only thing I am good for is trying shoelaces, kissing sore hands, and supplying the food.
Who needs swings and slides?
Look at the concentration.
After seeing those toads, Champ and Boo were determined to find some toad spawn. They did find some in a small pond further along the path, they begged me to let them collect some in our cups, but I just imagined it all sloshing out in the car on the way home and I really didn't fancy cleaning it. :oP
Googs showing me some treasure that he had found which he promptly threw down the hill.
Here Kiki was playing king of castle. Googs said that he would be the Queen of the castle until I pointed out that a queen was a lady hee hee you should have seen his face!
Sheep! You can see that Boo is more comfortable around animals than the boys, they always hang back to see if she gets mauled first, then, when it is safe they make their approach.

We brought a french bread stick that had gone hard overnight. I love the way that they all have different duck feeding techniques; Boo likes to make sure that everyone gets an equal share, Champ tries to draw the ducks close to him in an attempt to catch one, Googs chooses a favourite and makes sure that he feeds it up nicely and gets all upset if another duck eats it's food and Kiki just throws big chunks of hard bread straight at the ducks with all her might.
On the way home we stopped by a field to look at these very cute spotted lambs.

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