Thursday, 8 April 2010

Spring sun!!!

Guess what? We had sun today! In fact we had so much sun that Googs went inside. I asked him why he was inside on such a lovely day and he replied "But Mom, the sun is trying to melt me!"
It was only 12oC!!!!
Boo was a little irritable today and her brothers kept winding her up so I suggested that she read her book outside.
After spotting the toad at the reservoir the other day, the children went looking for frog spawn, and found some in the horse's trough.
"I'm the king of the dirty castle"
After a trip to the garden centre, we decided to do some weeding of Champ's vegetable patch. We found lots of earth worms which Kiki gathered up and...
...made a worm farm.
Googs would only use the big fork.
The pheasant came to see what we were up to. I think that he was hoping that we would leave him a lovely feast of seeds like we did last year! Little does he know that we have much stronger netting this year! He was very noisy the whole time we were gardening, well until Kiki played chase with him.
Champ taking a break from bike riding to help in the garden. Boo had another falling out with her brother so took some time out in the house.
And with the lovely weather I managed to get three loads of washing done! With hubby playing rugby and the kids and I enjoying nature, the washing has really been building up.
A more chilled out Boo posing next to her flower garden and the flowers we got from the garden centre to make up for the ones the Kiki decapitated and squished.
Champ jumped at the chance to use the magnifying glass to burn "stuff"
Another lesson for the younger two :o)
The boys playing football...well it's not technically football. Football/rugby :o)

They spend just as much time on the ground as they do running, what with all the tackling they do!

Just after 2pm Kiki put herself to bed. I knew that she had gone up to her room but it was way too quiet so I went to see what she was up to. Just look at that muddy face!

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