Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bugs, fish and art.

Every couple of months my Mom takes one of the children for a few nights to have some one-on-one time. Mom lines up activities that she knows each child will like and they get utterly spoilt!
This time it was Champ's turn. Everything was a surprise; he knew that he was going but not what they were going to do.
His one request was that he got to cook with a recipe that he had invented for a fish supper. So I packed him off with strict instructions for my Mom to take LOTS of photos.
Of course he got to make his fish supper on the first evening :o)
It looks like he got to make it by himself, just like he wanted.

And now for the salad...

It looks delicious! Just enough for Champ, Gran and Grandad.
The following day they were up and out very early to catch the train to Liverpool.
Champ was given a bug book to get him prepared for where they were going.
"Oh that's me at the top of a really big thing with a lovely view"
At the docks. Apparently Champ was looking for the fish in the sea. He has always loved nature, Googs I think would be more impressed by the boats.

His surprise was a trip to Bug World!!!
"It was brilliant!"

I can't post too many comments because I wasn't there, but I think the pictures tell the story.

Look at that, so calm! I am not sure that I would be able to hold them without pulling a face.

After the bug museum, they went onto the Tate Gallery.

Sometimes the view outside is as good as the exhibits.

A pigeon joining him for lunch.
Champ had saved this for the journey home...a lolly with ants in it!!!
"The lolly was mint flavour and the ants were crunchy." "Next time I will have the one with the worm in it"
First bite...a little unsure
Yummy!On the Saturday, Grandad could join them for some trout fishing. For the first part of the day they hired a boat. Champ had to learn how to fly fish, he has used a regular rod many times but this was a first for fly fishing.
Champ also got taught how to row a boat.

He rowed back to shore all by himself!
Look at him go!
He caught a fish!!!!! Champ landed it all by himself.

They stayed out fishing for 10 and a half hours!
Guess what was on the menu that night?
Champ learned how to gut the fish.

It was even too big for the pan :o)
That's better.
"I had a brilliant time!"

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