Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sledging and felt stockings

Even more snow last night which meant that there was enough for sledging! (I keep calling it sledding but apparently in England it is sledging)
Kiki wearing Daddy's gloves.
A picture I took from an upstairs window.

And back inside to warm up with hot chocolate and the last of the koeksisters.
Instead of a chocolate filled advent calendar this year, the kids are going to get a chocolate a day to put into a stocking which they will then be able to eat on Christmas eve!
I was going to crochet 4 stockings but in the end I thought that it would be much better if the kids could make their own out of felt.
We cut out 2 pieces of felt or each stocking and pinned them together.
The sewed a blanket stitch around, joining the two pieces together.
Then to decorate them!
Aren't they just fabulous!


Pip said...

how fantatsic!! They are so lovely. We have only had a sprinkling of snow and the boys and I are feeling very sad about that! we loved our 7 days of being snowed in earlier this year. send some our way!!! xx

Moogie said...

We have got about a foot and a half of snow here!!!!! with more snow predicted so I would happily send you some. Although we are hoping to finish the igloo tomorrow, so I need to keep some snow for that.

Kelly said...

Send some snow to us too. We only have a dusting and we can't wait to do some sledging and build an igloo! Happy snow times.

sunnymama said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun in the snow! :)

dorinalouise said...

yes, they are fantastic! your children are wonderful. they look so happy. you have a lovely home.

and, i just love where you live! to be able to go sledding (sledging!) right outside your home is just . . paradise!!!

enjoy the snow. i look forward to our first dusting . . i hope it's soon!