Monday, 19 September 2011

eels! - day 3


My little monkey
We went off by ourselves for a couple of days.

Ruined abbey of the Order of Saint Benedict.
Dancing on the boat.
hee hee
We had some leftover ham that the guys used as bait. Very soon they caught...eels!!!

Brandon had to handle with newspaper because of all the slime.

Kristin caught an eel too :)
Here Hubby was comforting Brandon who had managed to catch a boat which took his entire line and left the reel smoking. Brandon managed to hold on to the rod but he got a big fright.


Moogie said...

I have tried and tried to comment on your blog but since google changed my accounts around I just can't. I have managed to comment on other blogs so I am not sure whether it is because of your security settings or not.
Just wanted to let you know that I am still enjoying your blog, your life is like a cosy quilt and comfy slippers.

dorinalouise said...

hi carolyne, thanks so much! i feel the same about you! your boating expedition is just so fun. and i love that ancient looking ruin of a castle. what was that?

i'll check my settings. i can't imagine why there is a problem.


Moogie said...

The ruin is actually the Abbey of the order of saint Benedict:'s_Abbey
When I went to the Norfolk Broads as a teenager we actually attended an open air mass here :)

Pip said...

oh poor Brandon! I bet that was scarey! BIG catch though!!!
I see your kids are chocolate spread fans too! that looked a familier sight lol!

Moogie said...

yup! Although Kiki would prefer marmite, strange, i know :)