Tuesday, 13 April 2010

rocks, rocks, and more rocks!

Today the kids were a little argumentative so I decided just to get out, and where better to go to get out the aggro than somewhere to throw stones and explore in peace.
The kids got stuck in. They started off with just throwing the stones...
then collecting...
Kiki favoured the rocks to the stones.
looking for creatures under the rocks.
Looking for a place that makes the biggest splash.
It took about 10 minutes before they ventured into the water. The older kids tiptoed over the stones whereas Kiki just waded in knee deep!
Googs was happy to have reached the other side.
"Tiny one Mommy."
Champ came running over in great excitement! He had found shell fossils in the slate!!!!

We hadn't even been there for 20 minutes before Kiki decided it was time for food. Of course she wanted to eat in style!
Googs was busy finding special stones for each of us.
The only company we had were the sheep. Champ found a stone to show me, he walked pass a sheep who baa-ed at him, you should have seen how high he jumped! hee hee.
It was great to see these two working together.
Here they are making stepping stones.
Champ found this water creature which he gave to Boo. She named it "Charlie" and asked to take it home....errr no!
Looking for ants.
Googs discovered that the slate rock was very soft and could be smashed on another rock. Unfortunately he was a little over enthusiastic and squashed his finger. Luckily, I had packed a first aid kit for when we went bike riding the other day which I had left in the car. I think that Googs was shocked by the extra care he received :o) antiseptic spray, plaster, calpol AND a sweet later he was very content. Kiki felt left out though and had a pretend fall (she gracefully sat down on the rocks) so that she could have a plaster too.
What a lovely spot! I could relax as I could see all four at all times aaah perfect!
Not enough sand to make sand castles but enough rocks for a tower!
The girls decided to make rock food, they took the soft slate and crushed it. They made eggs, sausage and peas.
Champ liked the idea and made a lasagna with different layers of rock.
I just couldn't resist the urge to throw stones too. I am writing it down here to remind me, whenever I am feeling growly I need to bring the children here so that I can throw stones, it is so therapeutic! We were at the river for about 3 hours hmmmm lovely especially since it rained in the afternoon.
Cute little mary janes. I just wish that I knew how to crochet when my kids were babies so that they could have worn these.
Mary Janes next to the loafers. Just need to make another 10 for the summer fair!

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