Monday, 12 April 2010

Googs learns to ride!

Hubby decided that it was about time that Googs learnt how to ride his bike, so we packed up the car, went to buy lunch and set off for the best place we know for learning to ride bikes. The place is smooth, flat and not as hard as concrete.
Here is Googs just before setting out for the first time.
Here we go!
A little wobbly...
and he is off!!!!!!
I sat in the car crocheting. Since I had all the food with me the children never strayed far :o)
A very happy little boy. He was so proud of himself! After 2 hours of riding, he was getting quite quick, it won't be long before those stabilisers come off.
Of course there was a race!
We brought Kiki's bike along too so that she wouldn't be left out. She is very happy riding her way, just pushing her bike along.
Kiki riding properly. She is far from ready for anything with pedals but there is no harm in trying...well apart from Daddy's aching back!
Kiki taking her bike up the hill. We did worry that she would want to sit on the bike to go down the hill but luckily she was happy just to push it down.
Oh dear! Googs fell a few times but was very brave and picked himself straight back up again and carried on. At one point he cycled himself down a hill and almost hit a tree!
Boo giving me some wild flowers.
Kiki not to be out done. Of course the flowers that she picked were not for me, instead she carried them on the front of her quad bike :o)
Taking a little break with Dad.
More food!
And with all that time to sit and crochet I managed to finish these booties.

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