Thursday, 18 March 2010

flowers, compost and silk.

Mother's Day. We have never been big on mother's day in our family so I was really surprised by breakfast in the bath (I got up too early) and when I went downstairs the children had put out cards and some flowers!
Enjoying the warmer weather. It was not raining, the window needs a wipe...ooops

Ready, Steady, Go!
Posing for the camera.
Champ and Boo have started street dancing and this is a move that they learnt at their last lesson. They don't go dancing in their pjs though :)
Champ's lego and paper aeroplane collection. This is one of the reasons that he hates the younger two going anywhere near his room.
Champ has decided that he wants to be in charge of the vegetable patch this year. It is almost time for planting so my Mom came round to help out.
The girls getting stuck in.
The problem with our vegetable patch is that it is quite a way from the house, and with no hose, it is quite tiring lugging the watering can back and forth.
Googs fell when he was outside so came in for some monkey plasters. He then informed me that his injuries were so bad that he needed to go to bed! Once he came down again, about 20 minutes later he said that he could no longer play outside as he would probably fall over again - honestly he is so dramatic!!!!
Here are some of the material sample books that we picked up at the scrap store.
and the tools needed to take them apart!!!!!
While taking these apart Googs turned to me and said "Mommy, I prefer screwdrivers to T-Rex's" I don't think that I will ever understand how his mind works :0)
But it was worth it! I have so many pieces of silk and other lovely fabrics. Quilting here I come!!!

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