Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bike, car, rugby and ambulance

Today we went to watch Hubby's rugby team. It was sort-of the last game of the season. I say sort of because there always seems to be "just one more game".
Before we left home, Hubby decided to change my bald front tyre. Kiki took the opportunity to "ride" her bike.
Yup this is her "riding" she just pushes her bike up and down the driveway :o)
Googs helping Dad change the wheel.
While Kiki presses all the buttons in the car and shoves CDs where CDs don't belong!
Champ decided to take the bald tyre for a walk.
I decided to go prepared for watching the rugby. We took three picnic mats, a sun chair and the tent. The older kids played on their DS's in the tent.
Kiki had to go and help her Dad coach the team.
and then collected and counted daisies.
I took the opportunity to do some crocheting in the sunshine :o)
My two little monkeys! Googs was explaining how he turned himself upside down, something about his heart and stomach.
One of the guys broke his ankle.
This is a picture of everyone having a rest while they waited for the ambulance.
The ambulance arrives.
Discussing the injured player. From this distance he looks rather chilled out.
I thought they could have at least put him on a stretcher, I couldn't believe that they made him hobble in!
One of the guys from the other team also hopped in the ambulance after injuring his knee.
Champ taking a break from playing Mario to get some fresh air - I really do hate those game thingies at times.
Googs, at least, got out to play a bit of rugby :o)

All in all, it was a lovey day out in the sunshine.

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