Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Riding, creating and monsters!

Yet another bits and bobs post.
First things first though, Googs is riding without stabilisers!!!! Hubby just took them off and told Googs to ride, and he did!
I wish that I could take them all riding more often though. We do have a roof rack but I just can't reach to put the bikes on them :o(
Look at him go!

At home Googs made himself a skipping rope after his eldest sister wouldn't share hers. It actually worked surprisingly well!
Tricky to eat, puff pastry and apples.

Constructing ships
and horse carts
and drawing dinosaurs
I bought some maths cubes. The day we got them, the kids played with them for yonks :o)

Actually, the best purchase was that blue tray. We have used it almost everyday for all sorts of games and learning.

Wow! look at those colours!
And finally, my little monsters :o)

The kids had a fancy dress party so we needed to come up with some costumes. We still had Champ's Grim Reaper costume from last year but the other three needed some pondering.

Googs was so hard, he had a specific idea in his mind. He didn't want a costume just his face painted. He was happy with it though. A Reptilian monster.

Having just read Percy Jackson, Boo agreed to be Medusa. I say agreed because at first she said that Medusa was too pretty to be scary! Anyway, once she saw the snakes I crocheted she was more than happy to go as Medusa.

For Kiki, I crocheted some horns, filled them with sheep fleece and attached them to a hat. We made her a sword to go into her belt and she carried her pet dragon. A scary/friendly viking :o)
lol Boo always throwing herself into the dramatics of it all :oD


dorina said...

your children have so much fun! i love their smiles. those crocheted snakes are the best! happy halloween! it looks like you had a great time.

Kelly said...

Fantastic! I just love Medusa's crocheted snakes. Execellent face painting too! You guys have been having fun!