Friday, 12 November 2010

funny faces, cricket and bread

Auntie H sent the kids a wonderful package of goodies for Halloween from America.
Here the kids are making glow in the dark pictures.

There was only one pen so it was a great lesson in patience :o)

And some funny teeth.

The older two started the crystal growing pumpkin while the younger two pulled faces.

Here it is a couple of days later.

Daddy also fished his cricket game out of the cupboard and they all spent most of Sunday playing it together.

After watching a cooking show on bread the kids asked to make their own bread. They seem to go though phases of bread making. Here they are making sun dried tomato and parmesan rolls.
On the cooking theme, some friends came over and helped to bake. Here the kids are making Guinness, apple and cheese soda bread. I found the recipe here:
In need of something sweet and a good reason to use up our overripe bananas, we decided to make banana bread too. We made two small loaves and one big one.
Here is the soda bread fresh out of the oven. I cut the both in half before remembering to take pictures, so they both now remind me of brains :o)

The banana bread smelt so good that the kids all nagged to eat it fresh from the oven. It was like I was torturing them by asking them to wait until it cooled :o)

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Kelly said...

All that baking looks so tasty. Those teeth are creepy!
Lots of fun happenings going at your house.