Wednesday, 10 November 2010

fire, food and mud

I do realise that I am getting a bit slack on the blog posts at the moment. More the taking of pictures than anything else. I say to myself aaah it will be fine that we don't have pictures of this and then kick myself afterwards for not taking them. I will aim to do better :o)

So anyway, we went round to my parent's house for the fireworks. We had supper first and then walked down to the park.
I just liked this arrangement :o)
The temperature has dropped drastically recently so it was good to stand by the fire and warm up.
The sparklers helped too
Googs soon started experimenting with burning some leaves

Then we all huddles round to watch the magnificent fireworks display.

To get home we all had to get out our torches and hike back over the fields which were VERY muddy :o) it was such fun!!!!
And then warm up with coffee, cake and pumpkin pie.

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Kelly said...

Bonfire night is such fun. I always love the chilly air combined with the bonfire heat and fireworks. And your stomping through muddy fields must have been fun - something to always remember!