Monday, 1 November 2010

Ice and Mud

The boys had their trip out with Gran to see the monster trucks so the girls got to go and see Disney on Ice. The pictures aren't that clear because no flash photography was allowed.

On the way home they stopped off at the stables.

And that night Kiki insisted on going to bed with her wand and her rose :o) While the girls were out with Gran, and Daddy was out fishing with Grandad, I took the boys out to the reservoir. I asked the boys what they would like to do and this is what they asked for; to be out throwing stones for as long as they wanted.
It was quite chilly so I brought along a quilt and my book. We spent hours by the water.
and slowly the boys were seduced deeper and deeper into the mud and water :o)

water over the top of the wellies!

Everyone slept well that night, even me :o)


dorina said...

what a great day! disney and fishing and throwing stones and reading . . you're a better mom than me though. i don't think i would have lasted so long outside, even with a quilt : )

Linda said...

What a lovely day!

Moogie said...

Thanks Linda x
Dorina, I think that you would have been giggling at me because after an hour or so I got so cold that I was jumping up and down and doing star jumps and lunges to warm up :o)